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A Tribute To Old Time Country Music

Established 1998 (As Gary Sez)

Little Kathy Fiscus

Kathy Fiscus
1945 - 1949

On April 7, 1949, in San Marino, California, three year old Kathy Fiscus was playing with some friends in an open field, when she fell into an open well shaft. For days rescue workers worked day and night to save the little girl. But when they got to her, she had died. Louisville Kentucky radio personality and recording artist Jimmie Osborne wrote and recorded a song about this tragedy. It was called "The Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus. The song was a top ten hit for Osborne. Legend has it that he gave most of the profits from the song to the Fiscus family.

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Jimmie Osborne
1923 - 1957

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